Types of yoga

Below are descriptions of all classes currently held at The Yoga Shala. There are many types of yoga suitable for everyone including beginners and for the more advanced.

Ashtanga Yoga

A class for everyone who wants to experience this dynamic form of Ashtanga Yoga with a strong group energy. The classes will focus in particular on Vinyasa (breath movement system) as well as the importance of foundation, bandha and alignment in each asana (posture) and are geared to build stamina, strength and to learn the Primary Series sequence. There will be emphasis on different elements each week, to enable students to deepen their experience and understanding of the practice, preparing them for Mysore-style / self practice classes.

Sometimes the first half of the class will be ‘counted’ in the traditional way as taught in India in which students are led in Sanskirt through part of the Primary series. The class may be more workshop based and some partner or group work may be added from time to time.

Hot yoga

Hot Yoga, is one of the worlds fastest growing styles of yoga, it is a style of Hatha yoga practised in a heated room.The studio is heated to 30-34C, so it’s hot but not unbearable simulating the hot climate of India. Postures taught in the Hot Yoga series are taken from many styles of yoga ensuring there are modifications in every posture for varying abilities, encouraging students of all levels to reach their full potential.

The focus is not just on flexibility or athletic performance, but on enjoying the experience of a full body work out, building strength and flexibility while cultivating balance and well being. This class is suitable for beginners and all levels.

Mysore Ashtanga

These classes are the traditional method by which ashtanga yoga is taught in Mysore, India. Normally the students work closely with their teacher so that each student develops at their own pace. Under close guidance of the a teacher, who will use a combination of verbal and hands-on adjustments.

By teaching in this traditional way each student is practising at the right level for them not a ‘generalised’ class level and so it is like having one to one tuition within a class environment. This style is all about developing a personal yoga practice that works for you, which you can continue with at home.

Students do not need to know the sequence to come to self practice classes. The postures of the sequence will be taught, one by one, as the student progresses. Because of the way the class is structured, these classes are suitable for all levels of practitioner, except complete beginners who should attend the beginners’ workshops or course first before coming along to the self practice classes.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a style of yoga of yoga suitable for the more active yogi. Vinyasa is both challenging and dynamic led by breath and movement are synchronised in a graceful flowing sequence. Often set to music, you build strength, cardiovascular fitness and enhance awareness of the mind/body connection.

You will experience a full body workout that will strengthen and stretch your entire body, and leave you feeling amazing – both physically and mentally.