New Course Sunday 12.30pm-3pm 22nd & 29th April 2018

These short courses are ideal for those brand new to yoga, have just started or have a little experience of yoga and wish to deepen their understanding. With a maximum of 9 students, the class will delve into the wonderful world of yoga, its philosophy and various paths, disciplines and traditions. You will be introduced to Breath, Sun Salutes (surya namaskara), as well as some standing and sited postures of Ashtanga yoga and the Primary series.
The course is designed so you can come to any of the classes we teach, not just Ashtanga Yoga. It is a foundation and will make you feel both confident and comfortable before you walk in to your first class. It is designed to be gentle and will generally be slow-paced, focussing on correct alignment and practice of postures with some simple breathing exercises. This course is the perfect place to explore basic poses, relaxation techniques and to become comfortable with a yoga practice.
It doesn’t matter what level of flexibility you have as this will come with practice along side mental benefits that bring balance and promote well-being.
Cost £50 for two days.
Follow this link for bookings.